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ingésciences, vaping expertise

In 2020, there were some 15 million smokers in France, making smoking responsible as the first avoidable cause of death. Faced with this scourge, e-cigarettes today offer a real effective alternative. The growing success of this new smoking cessation tool no longer has to be demonstrated and there are now some 2.5 million daily vapers in France.

Electronic cigarettes, a breakthrough innovation

Since 2014, the ingésciences teams (formerly LFEL) have taken an interest in this breakthrough innovation. They have initiated several research programmes intended to study and understand the influence of physical-chemical factors on the phenomenon of vaporisation. It is an exciting and complex field of research which requires understanding of the products, the practices and the interaction of these different parameters one with the other.

This research has in particular led to the development of new analytical methods suited to studying these specific inhalation products. Our laboratory then designed the first robot vaper able to reproduce, in the laboratory, the behaviour of the vaper and their equipment.

Analysis expertise of vaping related products

In a few years, ingésciences has acquired real analytical and scientific expertise in this field. Our laboratory is now putting this knowhow and its skills in the service of manufacturers of the sector.

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Alongside its analytical expertise, ingésciences is maintaining its research programmes and is developing many other study subjects through physical, chemical or biological approaches:


Is there an ideal temperature for heating liquids? How does temperature affect the degradation of the liquid?


What is the influence of the different components of an e-cigarette on the final temperature and on the rise in temperature? Resistance, e-liquid composition, wick, etc.


How do flavours, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine degrade when they are heated?


What are the impacts of vaporisation on human cells?

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