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Nurturing today's ideas to produce tomorrow's industrial innovations

With the help of the OpenIngénierie design office, ingésciences supports high potential industrial projects. For our customers we develop overall solutions suited to their aims through audit, advice, support and industrial monitoring services.

Industrialise your craft production

By combining science with process engineering, ingésciences guides companies and infrastructures being developed or starting up. This is the concept our “démind’us”. We support you in a key step of your project: the industrial start-up phase.

By choosing OpenIngénierie, you also activate our network of specialised partners: winery, piping, welding, fluid mechanics, etc. Moreover, you choose to favour local actors, experts in their fields, for implementing your project.

Our knowhow: the engineering professions

Ergonomics and safety, productivity and profitability, our expertise involves compliance with environmental requirements by proposing efficient industrial solutions:

  • Programme of management, circulation and optimisation of material flows
  • Use of green chemistry processes
  • Technological assistance and support
  • Deployment of human and technical resources.

Adapted methodology

We analyse your needs together to identify the best suited solutions. We then experiment with innovative techniques and develop overall solutions to improve the technical processes. The final objective of this methodology being to create sustainable industrial practices while showcasing French knowhow.

Showcase our knowhow Improve technical processes Develop sustainable solutions Experiment innovative techniques Identify best suited solutions Analyse your needs together

Ingésciences proposes innovative industrial solutions for developing your business.

Mechanical design, project management, work supervision, technological watch, OpenIngénierie proposes innovative industrial solutions for developing your business. With customised support, we help our customers to become strong actors of tomorrow’s sustainable industry.

Layout of a production area 8500 m² in Cestas

Year: 2019
Area: 8500 m²
Objective: Design and installation of new e-liquids production area
Agent: VDLV

OpenIngénierie supported VDLV, one of the leading French manufacturers of e-liquids for e-cigarettes, for its removal to a fully restored industrial site.

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Installation of a pilot unit for nicotine extraction

Year: 2019
Area: 850 m²
Objective: Removal and installation of pilot unit for liquid nicotine extraction
Agent: VDLV

OpenIngénierie contributed to the removal and installation of the extraction unit for liquid nicotine for VDLV, one of the leading French manufacturers of e-liquids for e-cigarettes. This production unit which is based on green chemistry principles is the only one of this type in Europe.

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Technical design of a bioreactor laboratory

Year: 2019
Objective: Design and installation of bioreactors for microalgae production
Agent: Immunrise Bio Control

Ingésciences supports Immunrise Bio Control expert in the study of culture protection methods against pathogens by the use of natural organisms and/or substances.

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