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Integrating research as vector for future industrial applications

Thanks to a particularly innovative R&D unit, the ingésciences team had developed real expertise in the field of the vaporisation of active ingredients such as nicotine or CBD. Today, we are putting this knowhow in the service of our customers to help them to realise their development projects.

The ingésciences methodology

To guide them in this process, we have designed an adapted project methodology available as a complete or à la carte offer.

This is the mandatory preliminary phase necessary to any project development. The goal is to identify previous research work devoted to the subject and to analyse it. The production of a bibliographic study is a lengthy complicated step.

The ingésciences team saves you precious time by performing this documentation work and providing you with the scientific keys necessary to advance your project. For this, we use various sources of information such as scientific publications, specialised press articles, patents, legal articles, etc.

Following this research, a full bibliographic report will be sent to you. An oral presentation can complete this offer. With this step, you will know the state of knowledge on your subject, which will help you define the direction of your project.

Spectrometers, chromatographs, detectors, robot vapers, ingésciences has extensive analytical equipment. To answer your needs, we develop analysis methods specifically suited to your project.

Our quality management system combined with the multidisciplinary skills of our team ensure analysis results that are thorough and in compliance with the standards in force.

Our team guides you through each step of design of your products. With ingésciences expertise, enjoy customised support for the chemical formulation of your recipes.

From raw material selection to the tasting tests, including recommendation of compatibility with the required administration route, our team advises you on the choice of your options to ensure consumer safety and the success of your project.

Having good knowledge of your product’s composition is a key factor for setting up an effective quality procedure. It is also an essential step for the marketing of any chemical product in Europe.

The current analysis methods of our laboratory make it possible to establish a mapping representative of the composition of your product. For more accuracy and according to needs, our team can also design new specific analysis solutions suited to your issues.

Emission tests are a necessary step for the marketing of vaping products containing nicotine. It is useful then to analyse the composition of an e-liquid when it is vaporised. But aside from the regulatory aspect, it can be useful for a manufacturer to study the performance of a liquid in vaporisation. In particular this ensures that it does not degrade into a toxic substance and provides warrants of quality to consumers.

To perform these tests, the ingésciences team has designed the robot vaper U-SAV. By ensuring control of the physical parameters, it offers better understanding of the vaporisation phenomenon. Combined with various trapping methods, it helps identify the chemical properties of an aerosol. To carry out this service, our laboratory is calibrated on the requirements of standard AFNOR XP D90-300-3 on emission analysis.

To answer specific needs, our team can develop emission test methods suitable for other aerosols than e-liquids.

To comply with the regulations in force or to provide warrants of quality to customers, it may be necessary to have one’s aerosol analysed. The analysis methods developed by ingésciences highlight its composition as well as any degradation products.

To ensure control of the physical parameters of vaporisation, we recommend however having the emission tests performed using our robot vaper U-SAV.

Composition analysis, study of emission performance, compatibility with the selected mode of administration, we deliver you with an objective toxicological assessment of your product with a full report. To confirm the advice of our scientific team, ingésciences on request combines with a network of partner laboratories recognised by EUROTOX for the inter-comparison of data.

For each step of your project, our teams produce a detailed report comprising the methodology applied to your product as well as the results obtained. This document can be combined with practical recommendations. To facilitate understanding of the transmitted data, on simple request, we produce an interpretation report which, if necessary, can be completed by oral exchanges with our experts.

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