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Our History

Ingésciences is a young company based on the technical and scientific expertise acquired by the former LFEL (Laboratoire Français du E-liquide), a major player of the Vaping industry in France.

In 2019, this laboratory has evolved. E-liquid Creation and Production divisions have been transferred to VDLV company (new VDLV Pro 360 division). The Analysis, R&D divisions as well as its process engineering design office have come together to set up ingésciences.

We are bringing together a cross reflection between science and technology around the 2 departments: OpenSciences and OpenIngénierie.

The combination of science and engineering

By combining scientific research to process engineering, Ingésciences advises and supports companies under development or in the industrial start-up phase.
Our knowledge extends to many sectors such as vaping, agriculture, environment, health, food, cosmetics or biotechnologies.

We offer our customers technical solutions to industrial problems and also advise them upstream on the design and chemical formulation of products thanks to our research laboratory. Ingésciences supports study programs initially developed by LFEL, notably using innovative tools such as U-SAV (Universal System for Analysis of Vaping) vaping robot. We also provide scientific monitoring work mainly focused on inhalation products, like our program on the impact of steam on cellular tissues: VapEcell.

Thanks to our technological tools, we are able to master all of the physical, chemical and behavioral parameters in product analysis. This expertise allows us drawing reliable, objective and realistic studies.
Finally, our team also plays an important role in the writing of standards on e-cigarettes, e-liquids and the control of vapor emissions’ analyzes. After participating in the creation of the AFNOR French standard (XP D90-300), we are currently sitting on the standardization committees of CEN (European Commission for Standardization) and ISO (International Standard).

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