A study produce by our scientific team

For some years now, vaping products with sweet flavours have been increasingly popular with vapers and more particularly with young users.
In response to this high demand, some liquid manufacturers have chosen to use sucralose in the composition of their products, because of the physical-chemical properties and the intensity of the sweet taste of this synthetic sweetener.

A good idea ?

Sucralose (E955) is mainly used as a sugar substitute in agro-food products. This chlorinated organic compound obtained by the selective chlorination of sucrose has a sweetening power between 400 and 700 times more intense than the latter.

The French standard with voluntary application XP-D90-300 part-2, on the composition and manufacturing requirements of vaping liquids, has a list of sweeteners whose use is prohibited or limited. Currently, sucralose is not included in this list.
However, the new consumption method of the molecule proposed by the popularity of sweet vaping products raises new issues for its agro-food use.
Is sucralose stable in the heating conditions provided by a vaping device? What are the toxicological consequences of its presence in a liquid for vapers? Are the benefits of its use in vaping products greater than the risks that it creates?

A study to understand

Moreover, the Ingésciences laboratory wanted to carry out a study to attempt to answer these questions. The first part of the study proposes to explore, through a bibliographic summary, the toxicological aspects related to the consumption of sucralose and more particularly those associated with its use in vaping. In the second part, the data of the literature will be compared with the experimental study carried out in the laboratory intended to observe the behaviour of sucralose during its vaporisation using different personal vaporisers.