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Audits & Advice

Compliance with the standards, obtaining certification or approval, specialised advisory interviews, ingésciences offers an entire panel of audit and advice services to companies, laboratories and public bodies.

Standard NF EN ISO 17025 is an international standard which specifies the general requirements of competence to carry out tests and/or calibrations, including sampling. It covers operations carried out using standardised methods, non-standardised methods and methods developed by the laboratories.

Standard NF EN ISO 17025 applies to all organisations, whatever their size or the scope of their testing and calibration activities. The ingésciences team helps you to set up your quality processes based on the requirements of standard NF EN ISO 17025.

Therefore, our team guides you by means of advice suited to your needs:

  • Performance of audits
  • Proposals of actions or improvement in relation to the reference documents
  • Definition of action plans required to achieve fixed objectives

OpenSciences can also advise you in the areas of:

  • Metrology
  • Method validations
  • Estimation of analysis uncertainties

Thanks to our recognised knowhow in the e-cigarette sector, ingésciences supports you towards the certification of your e-liquids. Based on the requirements of French standard AFNOR (XP D90-300-2) and the certification regulation CDP-00, this certification is the warrant of the highest quality affecting vaping products. This standard, with voluntary application, specifies the general requirements in safety and information matters for these products, containing nicotine or not as well as their packaging.

The certification of e-liquids provides several guarantees and especially:

  • Rigorous selection of the raw materials used (PG, VG and nicotine of European or American pharmacopeia quality).
  • Exclusion of ingredients such as heavy metals, sugars and certain sweeteners, vegetable and mineral oils, vitamins and minerals, stimulating additives, releasers of formaldehyde and other substances classified CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic) and STOT (specific target organ toxicity class 1).
  • Control in e-liquids of the concentration of the following substances, whose maximum contents have been fixed: diacetyl, acrolein, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde.
  • Information delivered to consumers on the product and assistance offered via internet and telephone.
  • Mention of the elements of composition on the product label when its concentration is greater than 1.2%.

Based on its experience of over 6 years in the vaping sector, the ingésciences laboratory has developed advanced expertise in the understanding of addictive behaviour and smoking in particular.

We already collaborate directly with the CSAPA (Centres de Soins, d’Accompagnement et de Prévention en Addictologie) and the CARUD (Centres d’Accueil et d’Accompagnement à la Réduction de risques pour Usagers de Drogues). Also present on the ground, our team attempts to integrate vaping in the smoking cessation field with health professionals and users.

For this, we offer services of information and advice in order to transmit the keys for understanding the concepts of addiction and cessation by integrating vaping. With services suited to all levels of understanding and by our exchanges, you will have the bases for understanding the concepts of addictions required for your business.

Whether you’re a health professional, public health actor or professional of the vaping products sector seeking to deepen your knowledge, ingésciences has your back.

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Approval, AFNOR certification, understanding the mechanisms of addiction