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The U-SAV robot vaper

With the support of institutional and private partners, the ingésciences R&D team has designed U-SAV, the first robot vaper intended for analysis and research on vaping products.

Why develop a vaping machine?

Since the emergence of the electronic cigarette, many scientific articles and publications have been published on the subject. However, these studies are often criticized from a methods point of view. Indeed, the protocols generally used require the use of smoking machines.

But this type of equipment was developed to analyse smoked tobacco cigarettes. It does not then control all the basic physical parameters such as battery power or the value of the resistance, nevertheless essential in vaporisation

Smoking is not Vaping

It is to answer this issue that the OpenSciences laboratory, with the support of institutional and private partners anxious to improve vaping products, designed the U-SAV robot vaper (UNIVERSAL SYSTEM FOR ANALYSIS OF VAPING). A true analysis tool, it was developed to study the aerosol resulting from the use of an electronic cigarette. It is able to reproduce vaper behaviour, combined with the variability of devices and diversity of e-liquids. With its features, U-SAV produces a considerable amount of comparative data for establishing the bases of research work or to answer declaration and regulatory needs.

In addition to this tool, our scientists have developed their own analytical methods suited to research on inhalation products and in particular vaping products.

U-SAV technical data

U-SAV's basic principles


By controlling the basic physical parameters, U-SAV makes it possible to study and understand the influence of the chemical elements constituting e-liquid (such as the PG/VG ratio, flavours, alcohol, nicotine or water) during vaporisation.


With its U-SAV Profile module, our robot records, analyses and reproduces the usages of vapers. It offers many types of behaviour with flow rates varying from 0 to 10 L/min while making it possible to modulate sucking times.


Compatible with electronic cards and batteries, U-SAV provides control of the physical parameters of the equipment and comparison of the efficiency of clearomizers or resistances. The goal is to measure their performances on different criteria: vaporisation, nicotine delivery, etc.


Generating emissions according to different user profiles ensures thorough study of the impact of behaviour on the degradation of some aromatic compounds.


This tool complies with standard ISO 20 768 "Vaper products-routine analytical vaping machine-definitions and standard conditions" and is contributing, by its functions, to the drafting of new standards on vaping products.


U-SAV is able to produce and to reproduce the comparative and precise physical data required for research on vaping products. Similarly, it is contributing to the identification of good and bad practices.

Analysis reports

By controlling the physical parameters, U-SAV can generate vapour emissions with a view to their analysis. An additional module produces reports containing the physical data applied throughout the tests.


U-SAV supplies data for answering the needs of various study projects in order to recommend or improve the devices and materials used by consumers.

Versatile functions

To study vaping products, U-SAV is able on request to:

  • Distribute stable energy,
  • Use an external energy source (battery type).

Controlling a robot by HMI (Human Machine Interface) also offers other advantages:

  • Real time calculation of the value of the resistance,
  • Stable power with voltage or current adjustment,
  • Measurement of the actual power of the tool vs the indicated power.

In addition to these functions, our researchers have developed a system of cryogenic trap capable of condensing to -45°C, vapours emanating from the vaporiser. This method, in one generation, makes it possible to analyse the vapour by detecting the concentration of aldehydes, BTEX, nicotine, aromatic molecules, etc.

The bells make it possible to recover the emissions

The bells make it possible to recover the emissions

U-SAV has a tilt mode

U-SAV has a tilt mode

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