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Bringing science to the service of innovation

OpenSciences gives support in the design and chemical formulation of your products. With high-performance equipment and suitable analytical methods, our expertise covers quality control, product compliance, audit and advice.

OpenSciences, an analysis laboratory and R&D center

The OpenSciences offer of services meets the needs of many business sectors such as vaping, agriculture, the environment, health, agro-food or cosmetology.

At the same time, our teams perform a scientific watch and lead innovative research programmes mainly directed to inhalation products. We are studying the influence of the physical and chemical parameters on vaporisation and also their biological impact on cell tissues through the VapEcell programme.

The concrete combination of science and engineering

By combining science with process engineering, we support our customers by directly integrating research into the design of innovative and lasting industrial methods.

Able to create our own tools, our scientists have designed U-SAV, the first robot vaper. It enables reproduction of vaper behaviour by associating equipment variability and the chemical variety of the e-liquids used. It’s a research tool that is now operating for the physical-chemical analysis of vaping products.

Find out about U-SAV

Why choose Ingésciences?

Ingésciences answers your analysis requests and supports you to realise your goals. Our technical expertise is based on the knowhow of the LFEL teams (former Laboratoire Français du E-Liquide): doctors in physics and chemistry, engineers in biochemistry or thermodynamics and fluid mechanics and qualified technicians.

We also have a wide range of upgradable equipment composed of ultra high-performance gas phase and liquid phase chromatographs, mass spectrometers and detectors, flame ionisation detectors, UV/vis spectrometers, Karl Fischer titrators and several robot vapers.

In June 2020, the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation granted our laboratory approval as an organisation performing research and development (R&D) work on behalf of businesses. In particular it recognises the capacity of ingésciences to carry out R&D work on behalf of principals.

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