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Analysis of cannabidiol in e-liquids for e-cigarettes

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a phyto-cannabinoid naturally produced by the cannabis plant.

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What is CBD?

Anti-inflammatory, relaxant, and anxiolytic, its use can have many advantages. It has an almost zero toxicological profile (Iffland K. & Grotenhermen F.2017; Bergamaschi M. et al. 2011). For many, it is associated with the recreational image of the cannabis leaf. Frequently confused, wrongly, with THC, it does not cause psychotropic effects (effects causing an alteration or loss of control of one’s physical and/or psychic capacities).

A member of the family of cannabinoids, CBD and THC are two molecules with different profiles. CBD, whose pharmacological properties have been studied for several years, would be considered by health professionals as a therapeutic agent. Its use would be beneficial for relieving certain pathologies such as fibromyalgia or epilepsy without than having side or psychotropic effects (Mechoulam R. et al. 1970; Martin-Santos R. et al. 2012). In an alternative use, the inhalation of CBD can be legally compatible with vaping devices. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly frequent to find e-liquid ranges containing the molecule. In this case, the products do not contain nicotine.

Users should however stay vigilant about the composition and origin of these very specific vaping products. Consumers should not hesitate to go to specialist shops to obtain more information on their provenance. More info

Why analyse CBD in e-liquids?

The ingésciences laboratory has specially developed a method by UHPLC-UV for analysing and checking the level of CBD present in e-liquids as well as their emissions. This service provides manufacturers with concrete evidence confirming the quality of marketed products. It minimises risks related to the different manufacturing steps from recipe development to production and also the stability of the product over time. Checking the concentration and purity of cannabidiol in an e-liquid also ensures compliance of the product’s labelling.

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