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Analysis of lactic acid in the liquids of electronic cigarettes

Lactic acid is an organic acid found in milk and wine. It is also often used in the food industry as an additive (E270) as antioxidant, acidifier or flavour enhancer.
Our organism naturally produces this molecule following physical effort. These are aches.

In e-liquids for e-cigarettes, lactic acid is an ingredient that can also be used for the manufacture of products containing nicotine salts.

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Why analyse lactic acid in e-liquids?

Since 2016, the manufacturers of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes must declare on a European notification platform the composition of all products containing nicotine, in application of the TPD, European directive on tobacco products. To meet these requirements, all the components of a nicotine liquid having a concentration greater than 0.1% must be known and quantified. So, it is necessary to know its concentration for marketing nicotine salt-based products in order to be able to make this declaration.

The ingésciences laboratory has developed an analytical method by UHPLC-MS for checking the level of lactic acid present in e-liquids as well as in their emissions.

We are able to check the amount of lactic acid present in the product at the start, at the end, and also in its manufacturing process. We are also able to verify the compliance of the labelling of the finished product. Controlling the concentration of molecules present in a product is an important argument for the manufacturers of e-liquids because this is a guarantee for the safety of their consumers.

This service will also let you minimise risks related to the different manufacturing steps from development to production and also ensure the stability of the finished product over time.

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