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Determination of the presence of microorganisms in e-liquids

This analysis consists in determining and quantifying the presence of certain microorganisms in a consumer product. The analyses performed on the products also concern the detection of bacteria such as E. coli or salmonella, and also the determination of the number of enterobacteria, staphylococcus or yeasts and moulds per gram of product.

Detection method

Counting on solid support of "colony forming unit" (CFU)

Volume required


Analysis time

15 working days

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What are the effects of the inhalation of these microorganisms for humans?

The lungs, and more generally the respiratory routes, are not adapted to their exposure unlike the digestive system which is abler to treat them. The inhalation of product containing unwanted microorganisms can lead to the development of respiratory pathologies with serious consequences mostly leading to the destruction of lung tissue. Certain types of microorganisms are checked because they secrete metabolic products toxic and stable in extreme temperature conditions.

Why perform microbiological analyses on e-liquids?

The ingésciences laboratory offers manufacturers and industrialists microbiological analyses in order to control the hygiene of the product especially in the production phase. Indeed, most microorganisms studied in these analyses result from contamination from the raw materials, or from the product it the time of its design.

What does ingésciences provide?

In an advanced quality control process, our analyses allow manufacturers to prove that their products do not have bacteria in sufficiently large concentrations to represent a danger for consumption. However, it should be noted that there is no complete absence of bacteria.

Do you require an analysis?

Check for the presence of microorganisms in your products?