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Spectral analysis of e-liquids

A spectral analysis consists in determining with the greatest possible precision the composition of an e-liquid in order to list most of the molecules. In particular it is used to identify, in addition to the basic constituents of the e-liquid (PG, VG, nicotine and sometimes ethanol), the aromatic molecules composing its taste.

Detection method


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Analysis time

7 working days

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Why carry out a spectral analysis with ingésciences?

Our OpenSciences laboratory, for e-liquid and flavour manufacturers, carries out spectral analyses in order to provide a precise diagnosis of the aromatic composition of the product, among other things.

Moreover, since 2016 the manufacturers of e-liquids must declare on a European notification platform the composition of all the products containing nicotine (e-liquid and emission). In application of the TPD, the European directive on tobacco products. For this, all the components of an e-liquid having a concentration greater than 0.1% must be known and quantified. Therefore, it is necessary to perform a spectral analysis of the finished product in order to make this declaration.

To perform this service, our scientific team has developed analysis methods specifically suited to studying vaping products in liquid phase. On simple request, ingésciences can also produce a complete report detailing the presence of the molecules, their concentration as well as an explanation of their interaction with the human body.

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