CBD – Research Study Publication 1/2

NB: this research study was published by LFEL R&D team, which joined ingesciences in decembre 2019.

Why study the CBD ?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is the focus of numerous debates and has also become a hot topic in the media as well as in vape shops selling electronic
cigarettes. CBD is frequently linked to cannabis consumption and the general public is highly wary of it even though its pharmacological properties have been studied for a number of years now.
French E-Liquid Laboratory, the vaping product specialist, has made a point of compiling and analysing this extensive data to understand CBD’s value and to assess its toxicological risk as well as its compatibility with vaping devices. This study, dedicated to CBD and its effects, is the first part of this work and is designed to provide a fully-accessible synthesis based on already-existing scientific and technical literature on the subject. As this publication includes some rather technical terms which may be interpreted in different manners, readers will find a glossary attached as an informative guide.