NB: Since this publication, the R&D pole of the French E-liquid Laboratory (LFEL) has been integrated into ingésciences.


ingesciences present the first vaping machine allowing the control and the reading of all physical parameters in vaporization : power, puff duration and number, resistance value, temperature vapor. Indeed, in order to study the functioning of an e-cigarette and the impact of all vaporization parameters on e-liquid consumption and degradation, ingesciences has conceived and developped a machine able to control physical parameters independently of the others.
U-SAV « Universal System for Analysis of Vaping » is a machine dedicated to the analysis of e-liquids and e-cigarettes and to the comprehension and fundamental researches of vaping process. Thanks to a well-designed interface, the user can vary all the physical key parameters. U-SAV capacities, versatility and stability are highlighted.

This scientific study was presented at E-cig symposium in La Rochelle (France) the 1st ans 2nd december 2016.