Cannabidiol, or CBD, has become a real subject of debate and news in the media but also in shops specialised in selling electronic cigarettes and with consumers.

The negative opinion on CBD comes from the fact that it is too often associated with the recreational use of cannabis. Confused with THC, the molecule responsible for the plant’s euphoric effects, CBD however differs from THC regarding the effects it procures even though both compounds are extracted from cannabis.

For some years CBD has been widely studied by numerous laboratories especially in the search for therapeutic agents able to relieve certain specific pathologies.

Today, consumers are questioning the influence of CBD on the salivary tests carried out in particular by the police during roadside check operations for example.

Also, in order to ensure that e-liquids with CBD do not generate positive results for salivary and urinary tests, the ingésciences teams (formerly LFEL) carried out a study on the impact of the inhalation of liquid with CBD. We were able to answer consumers’ questions and show that “vaping” CBD does not present risks and cannot be associated with recreational cannabis.

The salivary and urinary tests (4 tests/person) were developed from 3 different types of tester/consumer:

  • Consumers of vaped CBD
  • Consumers of smoked THC
  • Non-consumers

These tests were carried out over a period of 2 weeks (salivary tests = just after consumption of CBD then every 20 minutes for a period of 2 hrs, always after consumption of CBD/ urinary tests = 24 hrs after consumption of CBD then after a week).

The tests showed that despite the different types of sampling, representing the large amounts of CBD inhaled, the results remained negative for all consumers of CBD. Clearly, the positive checks (smoked THC) were all positive with the different tests.

The study then shows that vaping CBD does not present risks. The CBD molecule is quite separate from THC. Consumers can have peace of mind in their consumption of CBD, good news for the vaping world!