Fully created and developed by ingesciences, U-SAV is a tool specifically dedicated to the vaping products, i.e. e-liquids as well as gear.

Most of the existing studies about e-cigarette vapor composition and/or its toxicological impact were conducted with smoking machines adapted to test vaping products. Though they monitor the suction output and time, they do not measure the real power, tension or resistance values of the gear used.
It is therefore difficult, impossible even, to understand the elementary physical parameters with this type of tool. Thanks to U-SAV, the future scientific research and various studies will be based on reliable data considering the vaping physical and chemical specific features.

The vaping Machine

U-SAV delivers a stable energy thanks to the tension or power automatic adjustment. It can also work out the resistance value in real time and measure the real power of the tool in comparison with the power displayed.
A cryogenic trapping system, to condense the vapor at -45°, was developed by ingesciences scientific team. It enables, among other things, to analyze the vapor and detect the concentration of aldehydes, BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl-benzene and Xylene), nicotine, aromatic molecules or any other compound.
U-SAV is in compliance with the ISO 20 768 standard (Vaper products-routine analytical vaping machine-definitions and standard conditions) and contributes to writing new European and international standards.

Multipurpose features

As its features combine physical and chemical factors, U-SAV can provide a lot of comparative data which help set up the grounds for future research work:

  • Record, analyze and reproduce the vapers’ behaviors with its add-on U-SAV Profile.
  • Compare various atomizers based on criteria such as liquid vaporization and nicotine delivery to measure their efficiency.
  • Check the real batteries efficiency with the immediate display of the delivered energy.
  • Study the influence and impact of the ingredients on the consumption and the vapor composition.
  • Study the role and impact of the aromatic molecules on the vaporization process (conservation, degradation, toxicity…
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